Jan 17
It's Back - SPS Chicago Suburbs May 17th

​We are proud to announce that we will be back again this year, May 17th 2014 for our second SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs.  We will be holding our event at the same venue - DeVry University in Addison, IL - and are working hard to prepare a great event for everyone.

We look forward to meeting new and old friends and learning and developing our knowledge of SharePoint, O365 and the Microsoft Azure world. 

See you all in a few short months!

Jun 03
Why do you do this?

​I must have gotten asked this a dozen times this weekend, sometimes with a hint suspicion, like really what do you get out of it?  Basically the answer is, it seemed like a good idea at the time and motives really never figured into it.

SPS Chicago Suburbs was born by total chance.  I just happened to be walking at a by Tony Hotko and Ed Mueller at Share-A-Pint meeting as someone said "SPS Indianapolis is coming up, it would be nice to have one around here."  Without thinking, I turned and said, "If you want to do one, I will help you with it."  The rest as they say, is history. 

I have never worked on a team where everyone worked as hard, and went as above and beyond what was assigned to them, as I have with this group.  I am so proud of each and every member of our team and their commitment to this event!  We pushed each other hard and had so much fun in doing this, that those quickly became the reasons why we were doing it.

Flash forward to the day of the event.  To see the people come in excited to be there, to receive compliments from the speakers, seeing the sponsors excited about being at our event, having people ask us about next year while the event was going on, and the buzz of excitement all day long, even through the raffle.  We wrapped up at 6:00 pm and there were still over 150 people there... That is why we do this. 

Then if that wasn't enough, to check your email while the event is going on, and see the below message, was just an awesome cap to the question: Why do you do this?

First of all, thanks for having me here as part of this SharePoint Saturday.

I have to hand it to you guys... from what I have seen so far, very professional and welcoming event for attendees and speakers.

The idea to do the 'speaker dinner' at D&B was great (IMO) since it was casual as well as professional at the same time. Networking with peers over racing bikes and cars was awesome! Also, the plaque you guys made personalized to each individual speaker was definitely a nice touch.

This morning when I walked into the event, there were clear directions for everyone as to where they were supposed to go. No chaos that I have sometimes experienced at other SharePoint Saturdays. You guys also did a great job branding the event and having it be displayed in the signage in the the corridors and such. Hard to tell it's your first time doing a SharePoint Saturday in Chicagoland.

Great job guys. Keep it up!

PS. I have to bolt out of here after my session today due to cub scout obligations for my son. Wish I could stay longer. Hope to see you guys again soon sometime!


Asif Rehmani
MVP - SharePoint Server, MCT
Trainer / Solution Architect

Jun 02
Thanks to all who attended SPS Chicago Suburbs on June 1st!

We had a GREAT Event!

​If you haven't already submitted feedback, please visit​, find the sesssions you attended and submit your feedback!

May 14
SPS Presenter Jeff Willinger interviewed for SPSCS!

​We talk with Jeff Willinger about his two upcoming sessions:

 "Three Must-Have Principals for a Successful SharePoint Intranet"
"SharePoint and Mobile: Reach vs Rich: To App or not to App"


May 11
SPS presenter Asif Rehmani Interviewed for SPSCS!

We recently interviewed Asif Rehmani about his upcoming session:

No-Code Options in SharePoint 2013

Asif is well known in the SharePoint community for his long history of helping users create custom solutions in Sharepoint, without the use of Visual Studio.​  In this interview Asif talks a bit about his background, what motivates him and a taste of what he has in store for his Session at SPS Chicago Suburbs..​

May 09
SPS presenter Prasanna Adavi Interviewed for SPSCS!

​We recently interviewed Prasanna Adavi about his upcoming session:

Reports, Dashboards and all that Jazz with SharePoint and Project Server 2013

Prasanna has some great experience with Microsoft Project server and his session sounds like a great way to find out more about what can be done with Project Server 2013


May 02
SPS presenter Mark Vogt Interviewed for SPSCS!

​We recently interviewed Mark Vogt about his upcoming session:

SharePoint powered Project Management: A Blueprint and Playbook using OOTB SharePoint.

Mark has some great experience working with Project Management Offices (PMO's) and relates his enthusiasm and experience using SharePoint as the centerpoint of a PMO!


Apr 29
SPS presenter Wendy Neal interviewed for SPSCS!

We recently intrerviewed Wendy Neal about her upcoming session:

Case Study:
SharePoint as a Catalyst for Process Improvement.

​Wendy (@SharePointWendy) is a well known blogger and is always a great source of SharePoint related information. She talks here about what she'll be discussing in her upcoming session - It sounds pretty cool!


Apr 27
Supporting Users Groups

Please visit the Supporting Users Groups Page. We would like to acknowledge the ongoing support by these Users Groups.

Thanks a bunch guys!

Apr 25
SPS presenter Tamara Bredemus interviewed for SPSCS!

​​​We recently Interviewed Tamara Bredemus about her upcoming session: 

Metadata Rules, Folders Drool.

​Tamara is always a blast to talk to! It's not mentioned in the interview but she was the #1 rated trainer at MindSharp and knows more about setting up Metadata than I could ever hope to! Watch below as Jack interviews Tamara and asks the pointed question: Is Metadata really just data about data?


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